Appraisal Service for Enamel Cuff Links

Enamel Cuff Links Appraisal, Ltd.

We have established an exemplary reputation in almost two decades and our work is recognized and accepted by insurance companies, auction houses and lending institutions. Our appraisers have a minimum of five years experience and are required to continue study in this specialized area. The International Society of Cuff Link Appraisers (ISCLA) members must certify every five years, assuring you the utmost progressive, professional standard in the field.

Our view...
We assure our clients customized service that is confidential, reputable and reliable. Offering years of client-association experience, we are uniquely qualified to meet all appraisal needs. At Enamel Cuff Links Appraisal, Ltd. we stand by our work and invite your inquiries.

About Derek Anastasia:

Derek Anastasia, ISCLA, President of Enamel Cuff Links Appraisal, Ltd. is fully qualified for his profession. He trained and graduated in the study of Business Administration -- Accounting at Indiana University School of Business. He is the founder and owner of The International Society of Cuff Link Appraisers and holds four designations: Enamel Cuff Links, Antique Cuff Links, Vintage Cuff Links and Contemporary Cuff Links. He has served internationally for his organization and The National Cuff Link Society and is a member of The International Society of Cuff Link Appraisers. He is the Director of the New York Chapter for The International Society of Cuff Link Appraisers and has served as liaison from that organization to Phillips Auction House. Mr. Anastasia has lectured publicly, made TV appearances, and published several articles about enamel cuff links and the cuff link appraisal profession.

Basic Facts:

How can you protect what you own if you don't know what it's worth?

An appraisal is a legal document as important as a will and is the only way to accurately describe and value property. A properly prepared appraisal by a certified, accredited appraiser will clarify questions of property value in any circumstances.

Who and Why:

The descriptions and values made by a certified accredited appraiser assure technical accuracy and appropriate market level valuation. There are many purposes and uses for an appraisal.

    Insurance: To prove irrefutable possession at the date of valuation, provide needed protection in the event of a loss, and to assist in establishing proper insurance coverage.

    Estates/Estate Planning: To clarify questions of value, facilitate the disposition of estate tax reporting requirements, assist heirs with distribution of property; to assist financial planners and related professionals in establishing client net worth, and as a basis for judicious estate planning.

    Property Division: To assist attorneys and their clients in matters of equitable distribution. Corporate uses in this category include loan collateral.

    Related Insurance Matters: To assist adjusters by properly identifying and valuing property in damage/loss matters to facilitate claim settlements and avoid disputes. Proper identification and valuation of property assist insurance companies in investigative matters that may save the company monies in claims settlements.

    Donations: To assist the donor in obtaining accurate, documented valuations that meet Federal requirements and will be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service.

    General Use: To assist anyone seeking more information about their property, its history, and its worth.

An Appraisal Should Include

  • Type of value being determined
  • Detailed description of the property being valued
  • Analysis of the appropriate market place
  • Date of valuation, inspection and report
  • Statement of financial disinterest and fee policy
  • Any relevant limiting conditions
  • Appraisers certification and signature
  • Adherence to a professional code of ethics and the Uniform
    Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

Services and Fees

A firm of professional appraisers, Enamel Cuff Links Appraisal, Ltd. is at the vanguard of the appraisal of the cuff link appraisal profession. We promulgate and promote the educational and technical standards required by The International Society of Cuff Link Appraisers. Appraisers/Specialists are qualified to appraise all Cuff Links: Enamel, Antique, Vintage and Contemporary.

We are also available as professional consultants to clients regarding the acquisition of cuff links.

Our appraisers are available to travel throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad to complete appraisal projects.

Fees are charged at an hourly, per diem or fixed arrangement.

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